Get your idea off the napkin, and onto the shelf.

I want to launch a product, how can you help?

When we are not out conquering mountains, we love helping inventors.

We Mentor.

We help guide you through the treacherous pitfalls that have taken down product titans.

We Coach.

We understand launching a product can be intimidating, and we are ready to show you the ropes.

We Teach.

We teach principles that get you on the fast track to a successful product launch. Quickly followed up by practical use cases and team exercises.

Need advice?

Here at Epic University, we have years of experience at getting products from idea to market. We also sit on several advisory boards. Please contact us to find out how we can help.

Our Courses

We offer coursework and workshops to help get you on track for a successful product launch. We pride ourselves in taking cutting-edge product theory, and bringing it back to practical applications in a way that exploits our arsenal of tools.


“ One of the ways that EPIC has helped me, is to eliminate the pitfalls, and the things that I would have done. ”

Georganne Simeoli
Co-Founder, Nomo

Our story

EPIC University℠ was born when the founders of Epic Product Launch, and several leading experts, got together to teach a cohort based curriculum.

Armed with a dedication to empower product entrepreneurs, EPIC University℠ is quickly becoming a staple to launch products.

Off the napkin, onto the shelf.